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Author: Marek


Q&A: Why Do I React Badly to Saunas?

TRANSCRIPT: Today's subject: saunas. But I want to touch on angle that gets very little coverage, which is: what if you feel worse after taking them? Now this follows a question I received on email, which asks pretty much exactly that. But before I touch

Semaglutide: Mechanism, Questions and Future Discussion Points

TRANSCRIPT: It started its life as a diabetes medication. More recently, it's been referred to as a celebrity weight loss drug. And since NICE - the National Institute of Clinical Excellence - have approved it for NHS prescription, it's also been the subject of several

Bloating on a Low Carb, High Fat Diet?

Why it happens and what we can do about it. Transcript: So today I want to touch on a panel this often considered a mystery but needn't be. And that's the pattern of bloating that remains or indeed gets worse when we adopt a low
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