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Author: Marek


Q&A: Why Do I React Badly to Saunas?

TRANSCRIPT: Today's subject: saunas. But I want to touch on angle that gets very little coverage, which is: what if you feel worse after taking them? Now this follows a question I received on email, which asks pretty much exactly that. But before I touch

Semaglutide: Mechanism, Questions and Future Discussion Points

TRANSCRIPT: It started its life as a diabetes medication. More recently, it's been referred to as a celebrity weight loss drug. And since NICE - the National Institute of Clinical Excellence - have approved it for NHS prescription, it's also been the subject of several

Bloating on a Low Carb, High Fat Diet?

Why it happens and what we can do about it. Transcript: So today I want to touch on a panel this often considered a mystery but needn't be. And that's the pattern of bloating that remains or indeed gets worse when we adopt a low

Low thyroid symptoms with normal lab results: what four decades of science says about the value of testing TSH and T4, recognizing cellular hypothyroidism and treatment options

Undertake any search of ‘consequences of hypothyroidism’ and you will reliably receive a laundry list of the usual symptoms; fatigue, brain fog, low mood, constipation, sensitivity to the cold, reduced hair growth and general malaise. However, the impact of hypothyroidism in the human body cannot
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