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Countering COVID Logic – Context, Cognitive Dissonance and Why We Should All Read ‘Influence’

Find yourself wracked with uncertainty and feel like nothing makes sense? What if you felt such uncertainty because the headlines were sculpted by behavioural scientists to elicit this exact response? And why would the Government offer up such incoherent babble if they were not utterly desperate?

The round-the-clock fearmongering features multiple lines of attack and has left many of us disorientated. I wanted to put together this video to 1) provide counterpoints to the mainstream narrative, points that link together the recent evidence and its impact on what we are hearing, 2) put events into context based on facts, not fear, and note how we can better understand events through the lens of government desperation, and 3) consider what realistic options we have when dealing with friends and family that insist on ignoring all evidence.

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  1. I made it to the end!
    Deepest respect and gratitude to you Marek. 😊

    Committed to absolute non-participation in ANY of the BS and planting seeds every where I can.. I will never stop standing for the children and their future health and freedom.

    The war on consciousness is intense.. but they are losing their grip.. complete desperation as you say.
    There are millions of us!
    Your clarity here only brings more strength – thank you!

    Visualising a bright future. It’s darkest before the dawn!

    Thank you for all you do.
    May we hold strong and welcome positive change and truth in 2022..
    Happy New Year!

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