How do you explain adrenal fatigue / metabolic dysregulation to your GP

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    The communication issue here is real.

    When Marek cannot advise on a particular supplement he often sends me back to ‘my doctor’. This happens to be my GP. But GPs are just woefully unequipped intellectually to understand remotely what’s going on:

    – what my complaint is (adrenal fatigue / metabolic dysregulation)
    – what I’m asking for (generally a prescription for something Marek cannot prescribe)
    – why the GP shouldn’t just send me for yet another round of bloods (medical history is long, but opaque to GP)

    Is the trick just not to bother with GPs at all? Do you guys use private doctors as well as Marek or something?! Let me know!


    It’s a good question, I have the same one! I would never consider using the word adrenal fatigue or anything like that, I usually try and think what I want prescribed/referred by the GP, and then what to say in order to get that specific goal. It’s not an ideal approach of course, but there really is no other way in my vast experience with GPs (and even specialists).

    For example, I would like to get a referral so my expensive medical insurance can cover the cost of a simple pregnenolone blood test. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this yet (any specific advice anyone has would be great!!), but I need to work out some reason a GP might refer to one of these tests, and only then would I know what to say to them. Work backward from the end goal, give no other details. Obviously you take this approach at your own risk! With a blood test it can have no ill effects, if you’re doing this with some medication…clearly you need to extremely well versed in its side effects and usage.

    Also, I think if you’re using NHS gps the process is even harder. I find they do everything they can not to refer/perscribe anything thats not some over the counter medication, and this is still the case even if you’re asking for a private referral/prescrip (i.e. not NHS). It’s just a built in resistance created over years of “molding”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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