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    Is anyone else having difficulty following a ketogenic diet?


    Hey Natasha,

    I’ve been put onto the keto diet now for about 3 months. I can attest that keto is difficult to keep to for a few reasons:

    – eating out is a pain in a keto-unfriendly society
    – you have to learn the carb content of nearly EVERYTHING
    – not knowing what to eat to get the right macro balance each meal; you can only hope develop that intuition of what a keto meal *should* look like over time
    – carb counting & (unnecessary) paranoia staying in ketosis (too many carbs? kicked out of ketosis!
    too much protein? gluconeogensis + kicked out of ketosis! GARRH)
    – time required for meal prepping & calculating macros & learning the science etc.
    – not knowing when to eat when your hunger goes out the window

    Anyway, what was it specifically you thought was difficult? I’d be glad to share anything I’ve learned on this journey.

    What I’d say at this point is, it does get better. The transition in the first 6-12 weeks (and beyond, actually) is a b****. But once you have a system, a routine, an intuition of what a day’s eating should look like, it gets much easier.

    Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Berg have incredible resources that really helped me understand & frame my mindset around keto.




    Oh also Headbanger’s Kitchen is absolutely incredible for super tasty mostly Indian and always keto dishes. The guy on it Sahil is an Indian metalhead and he’s hilarious on his videos which is a nice bonus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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