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    Has anyone found any comprehensive low oxalate and/or low lectin “good to eat” foods? I’m really battling to find enough foods to exist on this kind of ketotic diet, and there are many particular things that I search for where the results are unclear. I know Marek has an oxalate calculator, what I’d really like is a dictionary of foods and their oxalate content (ideally per 100g, but that might be asking a bit much!).

    For example: macadamia nuts would make my life 10x easier, as they’re a snack I can carry everywhere. All nuts are generally banned from a low lectin viewpoint, however all websites I have looked at around low lectins make no mention of macadamia nuts (which are peeled), and I get the feeling they might be: “not ideal” but also not that bad (In which case I might just include them for food on the go because it is simply so difficult otherwise).

    I’d love to have some more resources on this if anyone knows.

    Hok Shun Poon

    I’ve been following a low-oxalate ketogenic diet: started low-oxalate first and then went keto.

    My experience has been that for oxalates there are sites with PARTIAL lists of foods that you can and cannot eat. Because it was all so fragmented I built up my own little spreadsheet of oxalate contents of popular foods. Whenever I had a new food for which I did not know the oxalate values of I had to look it up and then add it to the list. Pretty pain-staking but pretty soon after I had a comprehensive-enough list.

    I cannot say the same of information on lectin. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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