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    My Top Tips

    I’ve been a patient/client of Marek’s for 2 years now and the journey has both been enlightening and a real struggle.
    I am eternally grateful to Marek for his insight and expertise, as before I had my first session, I got to a point where there really wasn’t much of a life worth living.

    Anyway, I was one of those people pestering him over the years for introductions to others (so I could share, swap notes, seek ideas and top tips), so in the spirit of things, I think I should post on here now.

    Background: my body had been running on excess adrenaline for 35 years, tons of inflammation, 15 years of brain fog, inflammation, adrenal dysfunction, poor gut, buggered central nervous system etc etc.
    I’ve been on a low oxalate, low lectin, low histamine diet.
    And now on a ketogenic diet.

    My first top tip was my sessions with Marek. If I had tons of things to report and things to ask, I would write out a couple of pages feedback and questions and send it through to him a couple of days beforehand. This worked for me, as it gave me structure to our session and meant that all my questions/queries would be answered.
    Plus, it meant I had a record of things and could refer back if needed.

    Pea protein.
    Blimey, I hated this stuff when I first started out. I was on (and still am) such a limited diet and this was a big part of it.
    That was until I found out about Flavour Drops (and adding some coconut milk).

    Myprotein: stay healthy and go for the stevia options

    Pink Sun:

    What a godsend. I now love having pea protein shakes, as they double up as my daily treat.
    If you’ve been told to take C8 MCT Oil, then a few drops in the shake is perfect.

    Ketogenic Diet
    For anyone doing a ketogenic diet, I’ve found this site to be a really useful resource:

    It explains the diet really well and gives you tons of good recipes and ideas. Lots of pretty pictures as well for those that work well with visuals.

    Managing your mind:
    If you have serious gut issues, it can be really tough at times to manage your thoughts well. It sometimes feels like you have little control over the way you feel.
    If your gut is pretty good, or simply repairing well…then I highly recommend you marriage your treatment with Marek with the Thrive Programme.
    I’ve been though this first as a client and then I trained as a consultant, so I know it inside and out. And if you can achieve a healthy gut and reasonably healthy body, whilst understanding Thrive, your potential in life is limitless.

    Thrive is a psychological training programme that helps us manage our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, emotions, experiences and interactions on a daily basis.
    If you really want to nail it, then find a consultant and undertake the 6 session course. But whatever you do, really study the manual. Get highlighter pens and highlight the hell out of it. Write notes all over it and don’t skip a bit.
    Really study it.
    And don’t take my word for it…


    The Thrive Programme

    If you want to eliminate the stress and anxiety in your life (which could well have contributed to your ill-health in the first place) then do it. And feel more powerful and resourceful at the same time that Marek is helping you heal your body.
    Body and mind, body and mind: the keys to long-term happiness.

    General information:
    I’m not sure of Marek wants this one on here, but here goes.
    I found this guy very useful for general overviews on individual topics.
    I like videos and visual aids to understand things.
    This guys is called Dr Eric Berg (chiropractor doctor, not MD)
    He does informative 7-8 minute useful bite-sized-chunk videos.

    Marek knows your body better than anybody and sees the whole picture.

    These videos are only useful to get a general understanding of certain issues.

    For 25 years I would have to go and see either a massage therapist or a reflexologist every 1-2 weeks. For 25 years!!
    I had so much inflammation going on.
    I thought it was just muscle pains and a result from too much sport earlier in life.
    I had chronic tightness in my neck and shoulders and was always in discomfort. I used to drink alcohol in the evenings to try and relax the body, but that just made my sleep thinner and poorer.
    Now, I’m not sure if it was just going on to a low oxalate diet (my Organic Acids Test revealed high oxalates amongst other things) but I do know that coinciding with me cutting out oxalate foods, also came a body I had experienced since my early teens.
    All the tension went and whilst there is the occasional bit of cramps and soreness, the contrast is as clear as night and day to my previous life!!

    So if anyone has resistance to going on a low oxalate diet, think again.
    The oxalate dumping can be harsh, we all know that.
    But stick in there as the impact of dumping dies away over the months and the benefits are big and worth it.
    Keep going!!

    Find a support buddy
    I think this top tip is key above all others.
    At the outset, you want to look around and find a supportive friend/loved one.
    I went through this, quite often, on my own. I’m single and without family (and even pets) and so I only really had my mother in support over the phone.
    I would highly recommend that you find someone local, who can pop in and have a chat regularly.
    Get someone who you don’t care sees you at your worse/most dishevelled.
    Recruit this person as your ally.
    You want someone who will gee you up, motivate you, keep you going through the tough patches and help you set mini goals. And be there to celebrate reaching those mini goals.
    You want a cheerleader and somebody you can share everything with.
    Contract with this person at the beginning. Tell them you are about to embark on a tough journey, but one that will effectively improve your life immeasurably. Tell them you want to ‘recruit’ them as your go-to buddy.
    Don’t be afraid to ask people for help/support. People actually like helping others.
    But you have to ask!

    Stick to the plan
    I don’t know about you, but when suffering really harsh fatigue, it seemed so easy to say fuck-it at times and divert from the plan.
    I was on such a limited diet, it was incredible. No dairy either.
    The tiredness took over, followed by the hunger. Wanting to eat something sugary to act as a state-changer.
    The key here is not to beat yourself up if you do divert outside the plan. It’s ok.
    Just get back on track as soon as you can.
    But as a top tip…try as much as you can to stick to the plan.
    I say this was hindsight and wisdom, that even though your journey back to full fitness might take a while, you will most definitely get there much quicker if you can find willpower and strength to stick to the plan (use your support buddy and the Thrive Programme).

    If like me you get bad fatigue, then it really helps to use the days when you have energy to prepare for the days when you don’t.
    Find a few key recipe websites/books that support your diet plan.
    Print out recipes you like.
    If you can, batch cook a whole load and freeze them so that you always have options to cook when feeling tired or exhausted.
    Or always make sure you have the makings of at least one meal you really like in your fridge/cupboard.
    Using a slow/pressure cooker can also work well.
    Find a soup recipe that works for your plan…and always have a batch to hand for emergencies.
    But top tip is: prepare for the days when you have little energy. This will hopefully help you stick to the plan.


    Yup, life can feel shitty at times. But it can be the same for everyone

    The quality of your own thoughts will determine the quality of your life, so stay positive and upbeat

    Be patient and realise things take time. Sometimes a lot of time. So see things with perspective. Don’t measure in days, but months and years. Be prepared for a journey to take much longer than expected.

    Set mini goals to garner that feeling of achievement – and share them with someone

    Willpower is like a muscle…the more you flex it, the more powerful it becomes

    Marek, as much as I have challenged him over the past 2 years, really does know his shit. I mean…properly knows it.
    Everything in this world is becoming instant. We want goods bought today, delivered tomorrow. We want instant gratification. We want things now!
    However, what I have learnt is that if your body is a bit f*cked, you can’t simply speed up the healing process.
    I think I needed a greater insight at the beginning of my journey, that it could take this long. Don’t get me wrong, my body has had a lot of issues! But, I expected everything to be fixed quickly.
    It simply doesn’t work like that.
    Some things will clear up quickly. Whilst others will take much longer.
    As one part starts working, it can impact on others.
    So be patient. Trust in Marek.
    You might get really frustrated at times (I certainly did) but he knows his shit better than anybody else I’ve ever known. So stick in there.

    Manage your thinking
    Be patient
    Get a support buddy
    Prepare in advance
    Stick to the plan
    Trust in Marek

    Over and out.


    Hi there

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been with Marek for quite a few years now myself and I absolutely understand everything you’re saying here. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one as being in this position (and also on a keto diet) can be very isolating.

    I will, sometime, sit down and tell my own story (it’ll take a while!) so it’s good to have a forum where people can share theirs.

    Thanks again, Carl


    Hi Hipster, great post and thank you for sharing! I had my first session with Marek just 2 weeks ago, and have just started this last Saturday on my protocol. I have been low-carbing for years to fight adrenal fatigue and the related weight gain, but not producing enough ketones on 1000 cals a day to make everything function, and so having a much more limited low-oxalate, low-lectin keto plan (albeit with more calories) to follow has been like a baptism of fire. Having to take out some of my ‘key’ foods/snacks is tough but I figure I might as well do it right. But it’s still a bit daunting! But as you say, Marek knows his sh*t 😉 so I have every confidence I’ll come out of this the other side with a much happier and healthier body.

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