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    I have recently commenced treatment for my gut after 5 months of Oxalate dumping and have commenced Spirulina which at the initial dose gave me a burning sensation in the gut at night and generalised inflammation across my back. I am now on a much lower dose and I was wondering what others who have been through this process can share their experience with me. I feel good some days and pretty awful on other days. I knew to expect this. I just wondered how long in general it takes for the gut to heal so that my energy levels and well being can improve.


    Hey there, I think we’re at a similar stage. I’m getting glimpses of improved well being here and there, but spend most of my time lying down! I’ve just hit the phase where I’m really REALLY bored now and want things to hurry up, but I know I could be doing this for a fair while longer yet. I live alone and only go out for work, so it can feel very lonely as well.

    One way I am coping with it is to imagine that I’m at some kind of specialist whole body training camp – I’ve signed up for 1-2 years of mental and physical workouts, but the rewards aren’t instant, they creep in, and they are erratic. You have to keep going without the rewards to motivate you. This is what makes it such an exclusive training camp – only a few people sign up and last the course, therefore I am a courageous hero! And when I have completed the whole thing, and I am fit and healthy, future Louise will look back with pride and admiration at the me that I am now.

    But until then I shall mostly be lying down 🙂 xx


    Hi Louise
    Thank you for responding. Its great to hear from you and to know that we are not alone!
    I had to give up work a year ago due to all this and I miss my work family. I am lucky to have a husband and a cheeky chocolate labrador to keep me going and 2 sons (grown up) and 2 granddaughters. I am looking forward to being well again to enjoy them all and getting back to work and sports which I do miss.
    I tell myself that I am a “work in progress” and that I’m in a “marathon not a sprint” I have taken up meditation and restorative yoga which has really helped me. It’s been difficult to know what to say when friends and family ask about whats wrong with me,so now I don’t go into specifics, I just say “I’m getting there”.
    I find that each time I start a new supplement I seem to go backwards for a couple of weeks before I notice an improvement.But improving I am albeit a very slow process.
    When I look back 12 months, long before my diagnosis in July with Marek, I realise how ill I felt and how stressful everything was.
    I’m off for a rest now too 😉
    Take care xx

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