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    So Marek’s got me to do a thyroid test and found that my T3 levels aren’t what they could be. They’re 3.0. Reference range is 3.1 – 6.0. Marek wants it up on the 6.0 side. Something about encouraging more T4 conversion into T3.

    My GP isn’t playing ball with prescribing T3 for me.
    Marek cannot advise on T3 supplementation.

    Anybody else got any advice for me re. T3 supplementation? Cheers 🙂


    I don’t think GPs would ever prescribe this, you’d have to get them to refer you to an endochrinologist, and go through that lengthy route. Have you tried this? Also, if you’re really having problems with GP referrals, are you using an NHS gp? It’s often worth going private and just paying. Today you can pay relatively little and do everything over Skype. But you may be starting with an impossible task here I think. Too much risk for a GP to give you a ticket to mess with your hormones. They’re putting their own rep on the line.

    Hok Shun Poon

    Hey @mikecave thanks for the reply. I did go private in the end and saw one Dr. Sharma by Marek’s recommendation. In my case even the private doctor did not recommend T3 supplementation and so Marek has instead put me on a course of Metavive II, which is the next best thing to T3 supplement. I’m certainly feeling more energy coming back because of it. Hopes this helps someone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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