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One-to-One Appointments

The full service. Fully guided from start to finish, with an individualized and pro-active care plan that is broken down into stages and aims. Focuses on the entire metabolism, from adrenal and hormonal health to the conditions within the central nervous system and methylation pathways. While recommendations may vary from one person to the next, my approach will always start by identifying the obvious obstacles so that we can then make a fair conclusion on what ‘non-obvious’ obstacles are left to address and construct a roadmap of your journey to the finish line.

Information ahead of the appointment

– Current waiting list is approximately 6 weeks.
– Clients who wish to engage Marek on a one-to-one basis are requested to obtain the Biolab Organic Acids test (order through Sue – cost of test is included in the New Starter Package)
New Starter Package

I offer a package for all incoming individuals, which my experience and audits indicate is the minimum required to give you a ‘fair chance’ of making substantial progress. This package costs £880, will tend to span 4-6 months and consists of:

  • Organic Acids Test, from Great Plains Laboratory
  • Initial consultation (90 minutes)
  • 10-minute interim appointment
  • Appointment #2 (45 minutes)
  • 10-minute interim appointment
  • Appointment #3 (45 minutes)
  • Progress Report
  • Progress Review appointment (30 minutes)

Following the successful progress review, I will invite you to book follow-ups on an ‘as needed’ basis. Standard follow-up consultation are 30 minutes long and cost £90 but, due to the less predictable nature of follow-ups, some appointments make take less or more time and will be charged accordingly. All appointments will be charged at £180 per hour or part thereof, rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval (eg a 20-minute follow-up will be charged at £53.33 and a 50-minute appointment will be charged at £120).

Marek offers 10-minute interim appointments to provide quick-response support between standard appointments. Please get in touch for full details and to request the New Starter Guide.

Other Options / Single Consultation

I am aware that, while the New Starter Package has delivered the best results, there are some people (eg. athletes, or those already working with a practitioner that want a ‘second set of eyes’) for whom it may not be necessary. In such situations, ‘doubling up’ can represent a large hit to cashflow for many and I want to avoid finances becoming the factor that denies people access to something that could help them.

If you think that booking an individual session would be the best option for you, please email me on (or speak to Sue to arrange a 10-minute chat, at no charge). I have described how I work and the reasons for this, but I will always try my best to be flexible to your needs. However, I won’t take you on unless I think there is a realistic option of progress. This is to save your money and, just as importantly, our joint emotional resources.

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