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So I’m on your podcast… what can you expect?

Breadth & Depth

I have clocked up over 10,000 hours of digesting the literature to ensure that my model of personalized nutrition is informed by the fine points across a wide range of disciplines, as well as adhering to the Big Ideas. I am comfortable diving deep into individual mechanisms, connecting the body’s systems (from cellular level to hormonal level, plus the two-way connections between body and mind), while acknowledging what we can extract from anthropological viewpoints and the importance of epistemology (how we seek/organize our knowledge).


Our profession is defined by dogma and divided into camps. I use a model of personalized nutrition to appraise each approach, highlight the relevant mechanisms and focus not on what works but instead on WHEN something will work (and when it won’t) and in WHO.

Three Languages

So often, the language used in our discussions implies conflict between the ideas that dominate traditional healing systems and those promoted by modern science, yet so often they are easily reconciled if we speak both ‘languages’. I deliberately integrate the ideas from both paradigms and deliver these thoughts using a third language, that of the listener, to lay out options in a way that makes sense to normal people.

For more on me, see the About section.

Years Experience
Individual Journeys Tracked
Test Results Analyzed
in Personalized Nutrition

What Should We Talk About?

I genuinely enjoy chewing the fat on any topic that relates to the human metabolism, although I have a particular soft spot for…

naturopathic options to support hormonal and neural health

eg. why cortisol is better considered an ‘anti-stress’ hormone; the four stages of thyroid metabolism and how diet/supplements/lifestyle effect each one; how we can reconcile all the dogmatic statements about estrogen by recognizing the role of each estrogen receptor, what test results and real-life outcomes tell us about these things, etc

reconciling 'irreconcilable' conflicts

eg. breaking down the ‘diet wars’ in regards to what the literature says and the questions we can run through to match dietary choices to our needs; why Evidence-Based Medicine (TM) is guaranteed to fail the majority of individuals, and what we can do about it; when nutritional support works and when it doesn’t; how the two types of stress response (fight-flight vs freeze) explain many discrepancies between the literature and the frontline, etc

practical lessons from the body-mind frontier

eg. why meditation rarely works if we haven’t first tended to physiological obstacles; the self-perpetuating cycle of energy-inflammation-stress issues and how we can break it; where modern neurobiology concurs with traditional healing approaches and what this means for treatment options, etc

… but I will also be happy to provide my thoughts on functional testing, the audits I have undertaken on individual outcomes and any subjects I’ve previously covered in my articles.

Snippets from previous podcasts (3 mins total)

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