Alex Manos’ Heathpath Podcast, February 2022: “The Truth About the Adrenals/Adrenal Fatigue/etc”

Alex Manos is a nutritional therapist and the long-term host of the Healthpath podcast. Here we go into why we shouldn’t get bogged down in terminology when it comes to ‘adrenal fatigue, the true purpose of the stress response, the connection between the gut and the adrenals, the two different types of leaky gut and why it may be an adaptive response, the self-perpetuating cycles that can develop after a triggering event such as a viral infection and how, at least initially, low adrenal output (low cortisol) may be an adaptive response (i.e deliberate) which becomes maladaptive over time.

Ben Atkinson’s Functional Health Podcast, March 2021: “Hypothyroidism, Nutrition and Lifestyle to Improve Outcomes”

Ben Atkinson is a nutritionist and health educator. On this episode, we discuss the detection of thyroid issues, problems with existing testing and the relationship between diets/supplements and frontline clinical outcomes.

Siim Land Podcast, October 2020: “Fixing Problems with Cortisol and Fatigue”

Siim Land is an anthropologist by education, but now the Baltic’s number one biohacker and author of several books. Here, we talk about why certain interventions just won’t work in some people, misunderstandings about what cortisol does for us, what stress does to the brain and cover the considerations for diets, carbs and gluten while stressed.

Danny & Maura’s Vega’s Fat Fuelled Family podcast, July 2020: “Ketosis Deep Dive”

Danny & Maura Vega launched their podcast to document their family going keto and to discuss related topics. Here, we jump into the ins-and-outs of ketosis, covering both practical matters as well as the myths that are continually reported in the lay press.

Liane Laing’s Living Your Life podcast, June 2020: “Adrenal Fatigue”

Lianne Laing went from being a national sports anchor to health coach and host of the LYL podcast. Here we talk about ‘adrenal fatigue’ through the lens of its relationship with energy, inflammation and stress signalling, as well the the benefits of using the Organic Acids test.

Roger Snipes’ Podcast, June 2020: “Better Practices for Optimal Health”

Roger Snipes is an Author, Fitness, Mindset & Personal Development Coach with a key focus on lifestyle optimisation & life hacks. Here we get into the nuts and bolts of initial steps with new clients, typical causes of metabolic dysfunction, as well as discuss supplements and functional testing.

Angela Foster’s High Performance Podcast, May 2020: “Are You Headed for Burnout? What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?”

Angela Foster is a functional nutrition practitioner and executive health & performance coach. Here we talk about the journey towards burnout, measurements that can be used to flag problems, and the intricate connections between stress hormones and neurotransmitters. Plus what fatigue really is.

Kris Gethin’s Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, May 2020: “Adrenal Fatigue, Stress and Results-Based Integrative Health”

Kris Gethin is the man behind the Bodybuilding.com brand and crafts first-rate supplements. Here we cover adrenal health, the importance of not ignoring bad responses, problems with evidence-based medicine and we also touch on mitochondria, cortisol and testosterone.

Luke DePron’s Live Great Lifestyle podcast, May 2020: “Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, Metabolic Dysfunction and the Incredible Complexity of Human Health”

Luke DePron is a fitness and lifestyle coach for men. In this episode, we talk about adrenal issues and how they may result in a web of dysfunction across the body, then cover the importance of first removing the obstacles.

Christofer Lövgren’s Do Explain podcast, May 2020: “Chasing Homeostasis”

Christofer Lövgren is a big fan of epistemiology and is as curious as they come. Here we discuss six principles of health, the three stages of metabolic functioning, evidence-based medicine, the interaction between physiology and psychology, intermittent fasting, the myth of oversleeping, weight loss, exercise frequency, veganism, and other related topics.

Ben Pakulski’s Muscle Intelligence Podcast, April 2019: “Focus on results, not ideology”

Ben Pakulski is Canada’s most successful bodybuilder of all time and has been described as ‘half monster, half scientist’. Here we discuss how the ‘Adrenal-Immune’ Cycle plays out in disease states, its implication in personalizing treatment and a general tour of how I do things.