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Sometimes it’s nice to speak with smart people. And record it… Please find my recent podcast appearances below:

Ben Pakulski is Canada’s most successful bodybuilder of all time and has been described as ‘half monster, half scientist’. Here we discuss how the ‘Adrenal-Immune’ Cycle plays out in disease states, its implication in personalizing treatment and a general tour of how I do things.

True, not technically a podcast… but… a short-ish video (26 minutes) taken from a Q&A session at the European Biohacker Conference 2019. Covers the reasons why the medical community dismiss ‘adrenal fatigue’ and how this label compares to the physiology in question, why weight loss becomes simpler when we look at AMPK function (not as complex as it sounds, I promise), and mitochondrial markers on the Organic Acids Test.

Tony Wrighton is a radio broadcaster, Sky Sports presenter and the author of three books. We sat down to discuss a variety of topics, from Magnesium and high-fat diets to the various uses of the Organic Acids test.