I first came to see Marek in July  of 2013. At this point, I had been feeling ill pretty much all of my adult life and was desperate for a solution. My energy levels were getting lower and lower each and every year and it had started to affect my career.  My biggest problem was that I couldn’t sleep properly for more than 2 hours, no matter what I tried and this was affecting everything else. I had seen doctors but all told me that I was depressed and that I should take anti-depressants. I knew this wasn’t the case, but I felt I had no alternative and tried citalopram and had a terrible reaction.

My doctor told me that this was a ‘normal’ reaction and that I should stick it out. Luckily I did a google search and found one of Marek’s articles. It was eye-opening to say the least – I then read more and more of his articles and realized I had finally found someone who understood what I was going through. I saw Marek in London and went through my case history and what I was experiencing. It was incredible to actually speak to someone who was calm and listened and actually UNDERSTOOD what I was saying. At the end of the session, Marek summarized his thoughts and explained how we could make a difference. He also make some suggestions for my diet and supplements, and also ordered two tests.

The relief I felt at this point is impossible to describe. I think deep down, I felt that I would never get better. But in the last 13 months I have been on such a journey – first my sleep was sorted, then Marek balanced out my adrenals and my energy and co-ordination soured, then I began to get stronger and leaner –  I write this 13 months on and I feel AMAZING.

I genuinely do not know what I would be doing right now if it wasn’t for Marek. He has totally changed my life and I will be grateful forever.