I have had so many health problems and I have seen so many different practitioners over the course of the last 20 years that I do not know where to start. Only to say that Marek is by far the most knowledgeable individual I have ever been fortunate to speak to and the only practitioner that has been able to grasp my problems.

I came to see Marek last year after a forum user had described his situation and how Marek had been helpful. I has suffered from pretty much every symptom you can think of for 20 years – the main ones were crushing (and I mean crushing) fatigue, extreme brain fog, no sex drive, low mood, pain in every joint and every limb and and waves of nausea. I was barely existing.  I had seen practitioners in the USA in the 90s and more recently in France and had basically given up hope. Every single thing that was suggested to me caused a huge reaction. Marek was my last resort.

What I really liked about speaking to Marek is that he wasn’t trying to find a way to ‘pep me up’. Even though my energy levels were so low, he explained how high my adrenaline response was and explained what steps we should take. He was also careful to tell me what to expect at what time and we worked out a 5-stage plan. Probably the most important thing is that Marek took steps to improve circulation to my central nervous system and this stopped me from having such negative reactions to every single supplement.

I felt the ‘good tiredness’ within a few days of starting the protocol. This was a key moment. From that point on, it hasn’t been a smooth ride but I have seen big steps forward. The process is not finished yet, but after 9 months, I am feeling the best I have ever felt and continue to improve.

I thought I was an impossible case. Marek has proved otherwise. I would recommend Marek to anyone (and I do).

(August 2014)