Since meeting Marek a few years ago my health has improved no end, originally I was lacking energy and when he did an adrenal test he found that they were exhausted so he treated me with various herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Also I recently had a gallbladder attack, and was admitted to hospital for a few days luckily the condition subsided and I was discharged, but as an out patient a scan showed stones, so I was told gallbladder removal was the only way forward and they strongly advised I book in in a few weeks.
Luckily I phoned Marek, and again was treated naturopathically. Over a six month period, the stones dissolved; this was 2 years ago and have not suffered since.

I cannot recommend Marek enough, his knowledge of the human body is amazing and I continue to use him and will do in preference to all others.
*(August 2014)