From the age of 13, I had been suffering with terrible PMS, to the extent that I would regularly have to take days off work. Painkillers hardly touched it and I would feel anxiety leading up to my ‘time of the month’ just at the thought of the pain that I knew would hit me. I used to migraines at all different times which would see me have to go into a dark room and stay there all day.

I had tried using the contraceptive pill but this only reduced the pain by a little. I knew this wasn’t a long-term option as me and my partner plan to conceive in the near future so I began to see a local nutritionist. I felt a bit more energetic as a result, but it had no effect on my PMS or migraines. A work colleague told me about Marek and I emailed him to book an appointment.

I have now been working with Marek for 6 months. Marek ran blood and saliva tests. It turned out that my adrenals  were the route of the problem. We have introduced omega 3s, evening primrose oil and magnesium. We have also done a protocol for balancing my adrenals and boosting my progesterone levels back into the normal range. Last month I had my first pain-free period EVER. Anyone who knows me will know that this is a miracle. I have not had a single migraine for over 4 months now – they used to be a every other week, so this is truly unbelievable.

I would like to thank Marek for being so good at explaining what was happening in my body and explaining why he had made the suggestions. I wasn’t the best patient, especially at the start, but Marek was always so nice with me and just smiled and told me why I should make the changes. I don’t think I will ever meet someone so knowledgeable about the human body.