One-to-One Programs


I spend a huge amount of my time working one-to-one with clients. This is my primary focus and has been since 2005.

This process is entirely led by the individual and my role here is to everything I can to achieve your aim. This applies for all clients, although there may be big differences in the speed at which we do it, the amount of testing we do, the obstacle-busting we do and the depth that I explain my ideas for you. This will be led by your preferences.

I use a format whereby we start the process with an hour-long consultation. At this point, I will provide recommendations that can be introduced straight away, then also create a basic outline of my expectations and landmarks for the coming months. All individuals then return for follow-ups at the requested intervals, or as required. I also offer email support between appointments, although this is very much as a medium to cover specific questions that crop up between appointments (not as a replacement to regular appointments, but as an added tool).

If the last 12 years have proved anything, it’s that humans are delightful but complex creatures. There is no one way of ensuring success. With this in mind, I have continually refined the process and the way that I provide my services. The aim is to provide a service that is, above all, achieves its aim and does so consistently. However, I also want to do this in a way that is efficient, simple and costs the client as little as possible. This applies to recommendations on tests, supplements and putting you in contact with other specialists.

With this in mind, I know where my area of speciality ends and I regularly refer individuals out to other practitioners when I think there would be a benefit in doing so. In this sense, I can make recommendations on which type of modality may help, be that chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture. Equally, I can put you in contact with counsellors or sympathetic doctors if we think there would be a benefit in doing so.


Booking in / Waiting times

Until I have trained enough practitioners to make use of my approach, I will continue to limit my prices. The downside of a more social pricing structure is that demand always outweighs supply. I currently limit incoming clients to a maximum of 20 individuals per month. This is the only way that I am then able to channel enough energy into each individual, to offer follow-ups consultations in good time and to continue my own research projects. As of early 2017, the waiting list was around 8 weeks (although there are normally cancellation slots available for those who have already completed the Organic Acids test).


I offer a package for all incoming individuals, which my experience and audits indicate is the minimum required to give you a ‘fair chance’ of making substantial progress. This package costs £880, will tend to span 4-6 months and consists of:

  • Organic Acids Test, from Great Plains Laboratory
  • Initial consultation (90 minutes)
  • 10-minute interim appointment
  • Appointment #2 (45 minutes)
  • 10-minute interim appointment
  • Appointment #3 (45 minutes)
  • Progress Report
  • Progress Review appointment (30 minutes)

Following the successful progress review, I will invite you to book follow-ups on an ‘as needed’ basis. Standard follow-up consultation are 30 minutes long and cost £90 but, due to the less predictable nature of follow-ups, some appointments make take less or more time and will be charged accordingly. All appointments will be charged at £180 per hour or part thereof, rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval (eg a 20-minute follow-up will be charged at £53.33 and a 50-minute appointment will be charged at £120).

Please get in touch for full details and to request the New Starter Guide.


Before the consultation

Before we conduct the initial consultation, I ask that all incoming clients complete two laboratory tests, the Genetic Panel (saliva test from 23andMe, £149) and the Organic Acids test (urine test from Great Plains lab, £195). These tests essential in giving us what we need to implement an action plan.

As someone who sees what sort of change is made possible by this information, I find it difficult to understand why any practitioner would ever attempt to ‘go in blind’ (or why I ever tried to do the same myself!). Leave 50 markers untested and you have at least 50 potential reasons why a suggestion has backfired. Test these markers and we can avoid bad responses in the first place.

These two tests always save the client time and money in the long run. I see them get to the finish line months quicker for having this information. That saves them months of illness. That means months of extra supplements, months of uncertainty and months of feeling awful. In other words, it is always cheaper to shell out on these tests at the start.



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