6-7th July
10-11th August

Wesley Hotel & Conference Centre, London

“Structuring A Treatment Plan”

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6-7th July
10-11th August

Wesley Hotel & Conference Centre, London

“Structuring A Treatment Plan”

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Structuring a Treatment Plan

The ‘core’ module – how to turn your knowledge into results

All of this learning… but what to do with it all? I have taken hundreds of case histories from clients who have been given good recommendations at the wrong time. Sensible protocols when there has been no chance for them to work. Evidence-backed suggestions when the data was taken from entirely unsuitable populations. Learn when interventions are likely to work, when to use them and when to change track.

The modules includes…

The Organic Acids Test

A urinary test I ask all incoming clients to take before their first appointment. A comprehensive overview on how to interpret these 73 metabolic markers.

Referring to Other Practitioners

Identifying when clients have no ability to respond to our recommendations due to non-nutritional factors.  A focus on postural issues, neuromuscular tension, emotional conflict,  environmental exposure and bioidentical hormone replacements.

Estimating Timescales

The million-dollar question is the same in all cases: “how long before I’m fixed?” How to use the information you have to lay out an intended timeline.

Connections Between Organ Systems

Nothing in the human body works in isolation. A masterclass in connecting body systems and understanding their two-way relationship, to allow you to quickly determine ‘the root cause behind the root causes’ and make the appropriate recommendations.

Further Testing: Not What to Test, But When

Are stools tests useful if have already confirmed dysbiosis, but yet to taken action? Is it worth measuring the conversion of T4 to T3 when adrenal output is yet to be confirmed? When to undertake tests to ensure the information yielded is useful. Includes an entire section on when to order tests, with heavy focus on Adrenal Stress Profile, DUTCH test vs blood tests for sex hormones, thyroid testing and stool tests.

Dealing with Non-Responders

The very nature of working with real humans is that some will respond well and some won’t. Sometimes this will be due to ineffective nutritional support, sometimes due to

Identifying 'Show-stoppers'

The last thirteen years has revealed how certain inflammatory triggers and metabolic imbalances leave clients with no fair opportunity to progress. These are the ‘show-stoppers’. Learn to efficiently identify and eliminate this critical obstacles.

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Reserve My Place Now

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Other Modules

My Academy course contains four modules, with one module running approximately every three months.

The various systems have a huge dependency on one another, and this is reflected in the continual links that I make between the I various areas when presenting each module. Despite the deliberate crossovers, I ensure that each course can act as a valuable offering in its own right.

Thyroid, Adrenal & Other Hormones

Master hormones and you master the metabolism. Learn how these chemicals affect every organ system. Next scheduled for Nov/Dec 2019

Central Nervous System, Sleep & Digestion

No sleep, no hope. A result-focused tour of the most important factors in brain function and the digestive tract. Next scheduled for early 2020…

Methylation & Immune System

What the real-life data tells us about supporting methylation and how to get results in chronic inflammation. Next scheduled for late spring 2020…