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Upcoming modules

Structuring A Treatment Plan, 6th/7th July and 3rd/4th August 2019, Waldorf Hotel (London)
  • £850 for the entire module (4 days + course materials + one-to-one support between the weekends)
  • 10-6pm each day
  • The ‘core’ module – how to turn your knowledge into results
  • Identifies the most useful tests before the initial consultation, how to use the Organic Acids test to stratify the individuals you are working with, how to decide on a treatment order and settings expectations
  • A how-to and when-to guide on referring to other practitioners and ordering lab tests

Sleep, CNS and Digestion
October/November 2019, London, exact dates TBC
  • £850 for the entire module (4 days + course materials + one-to-one support between the weekends)
  • 10-6pm each day
  • Covers the role of the central nervous system in health and illness, and the impact of inflammation and circualtion
  • Highlights the various ways that digestive issues result in symptoms in both the gut and across the body, with system to identify and eliminate these issues at the source
  • A how-to and when-to guide for selection of dietary and supplement interventions, with specific focus on elimination diets, dysbiosis, neurotransmitter modulation and conditions in the CNS

Applications for this module will open in August 2019.

Hormones (Thyroid, Adrenal, Estrogen/Testosterone/Progesterone and the Rest), February/March 2020, London, Exact dates TBC
  • £850 for the entire module (4 days + course materials + one-to-one support between the weekends)
  • 10-6pm each day
  • The actual physiology behind ‘adrenal fatigue’ and how to support both HPA Axis balance and intra-adrenal metabolism
  • Outlines testing option, identifying benefits/limitations to available lab tests and screening processes to restore optimal output
  • How the thyroid metabolism can be understood via the Deiodinase System and therapeutic options to work with this system

Applications for this module will open in November 2019.

Immune System and Methylation
April / May 2020, London, Exact dates TBC
  • £850 for the entire module (4 days + course materials + one-to-one support between the weekends)
  • 10-6pm each day
  • Covers the basics of immune function, the methylation cycle and related pathways
  • Models the immune effects of the ‘Big Four’ inflammatory mediators (oxalates, lectins, dysbiosis and biotoxins)
  • A how-to and when-to guide for selection of dietary and supplement interventions, with specific focus on Methylfolate, B12, Glutathione, Butyric Acid, Vitamin A/D, and Steroid Hormones

Applications for this module will open in January 2019.


Money back guarantee

After many years of requests, I decided to put together the Academy in 2015 but it still took two years to put this course together in a format that I was happy with. It launched in 2017, the fruit of many evenings of Pubmed research, constant upgrades to the protocols and, of course, relentless statistical analysis of client responses. My desire was that the course achieved three key goals:

– in each area, provide a clear breakdown of the current ‘standard of care’ for both mainstream and alternative healthcare, outline the rational behind these approaches (should it exist) and identify the limitations

– compare this to what the scientific literature says and what can be deduced from the data I have assembled from the thousands of test results and real-life responses

– arrive at clear conclusions in a dogma-free fashion and translate these into real-world solutions… less “who’s approach is right” and more “when is a certain approach right”


I do not believe you will find another course that achieves all these aims and is as practical, as well-researched and as interesting. However, if you disagree with me after the first day of the course (after 7 hours of engaging), you are free to take leave and I will refund all of your money paid. No quibbles.

More information on the Academy

Why did I set it up?

The Academy was set up to increase the public’s access to this form of ‘metabolic nutrition’. As of April 2017, I only have capacity to see 40% of individuals that inquire about an appointment. This means more than 30 people per month are left without access to this approach and that is not acceptable.

I therefore intend to provide practitioners with the necessary training so that they can take on these individuals that are otherwise not receiving suitable support. Courses will be delivered with the primary focus the attendee’s ability to make a difference for these clients. Therefore, while there are no specific requirements to apply to the Academy, priority for places will be given to those who are working in the field already (or intend to do so).

To achieve this, I will share as much knowledge as humanly possible in each module. This is knowledge that I have accumulated through relentless research and constant upgrades over 12 years, 2,000 clients and over 8,000 test results.

Referrals and Continued Learning

I intend to refer a lot of individuals to graduates of the Academy. All individuals who pass these modules will be offered an annual package whereby they receive:

  • Listing on a small directory on my website
  • 12 hours of follow-up calls to discuss unresponsive clients and also areas of continued learning (eg. an average of 1 hour per month, to be used as and when they see fit)

This will be chargeable but the aim of this is purely to cover my time while furthering your development and yielding you plenty of referrals. This ‘membership’ fee can be spread quarterly if preferred.


These courses are about knowledge. I have not applied to the any regulatory councils for accreditation of this course and have no plans to do so right now. I am open to this in future, and recognise that this may be helpful for gaining professional indemnity insurance etc. However, attaching the course to a particular council typically means watering down the content. If such an option exists whereby I can register this course without compromising the content, I will proceed with this. However, I will not compromise the course material under any circumstances.



  • Structuring A Treatment Plan (required to receive referrals). All this knowledge… but how to apply it? This provides the format to actually make use of everything you learn. This covers the initial assessment of the metabolic terrain and which areas yield the most improvement to begin with. It also focuses extensively on how to ‘feed someone without inflaming them’, the single most fundamental achievement on all healing journeys and the one most commonly missing. It includes focus on what testing may suit each individual and when each test may be most helpful, and creating an appropriate ‘order of play’.
  • Sleep, Central Nervous System and Basic Digestion. You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb… and how you sleep! No dietary interventions work unless the individual is actually absorbing the nutrients in question. Equally, sleep and the central nervous system go hand-in-hand. The central nervous system is the most important factor in how we experience the world. When problems occur, it can have devastating impacts on our mental sharpness, mood and sleep. Learn the connections between sleep and metabolic imbalance as a whole, the role of circulation and inflammation in the brain and the eight major neurotransmitter systems. Also breaks down the various forms of insomnia and how neurotransmitter balance may be restored without direct intervention.
  • Thyroid, Adrenals and Other Hormones. Change the levels of any one hormone and you get a huge array of effects throughout the body. This occurs both directly and also due to the profound impact that each hormone has on other systems. Learn how the hormones affect the immune system, liver function, sleep quality, mental clarity and interact with the process of many chronic diseases.
  • Methylation, Immune System Regulation and Minerals. Methylation is the chemical process that supplies methyl groups to 600 different metabolic reactions in the body. Given the crucial impact this has on the liver, neurochemistry, immune function and healing, it is no surprise to see most clients stall without suitable methylation support. Learn to recognise the role of methylation in clients, the role that genetic plays in these cycles, how to interpret tests, how to intervene when methylation ‘goes wrong’. Understand how other areas can impact immune function and how, through the inflammatory response and ubiquitious cytokines, the immune system can derail all other interventions. Finally, a methodical look at minerals; how to spot imbalances, when and how to measure them and how best to achieve optimal balance.


The subject matter in these modules will deliberately cross-over. This is the case and means that attendees who complete just one module will be able to use their new knowledge straight away (with full respect for the impact this focal point will have on other areas) while those attending all modules will be left with a comprehensive picture of the entire human body, rather than a number of independent systems.

Equally, all modules will focus on competing points of view in each specific area, identifying the similarities and differences of each idea and sharing ways to take the ‘good bits’ from each belief system.

Course Logistics: Location, Format and Exam

All modules will be delivered in small groups in Central London. The exact facility will be confirmed well in advance of the course dates to assist in hotel bookings, etc.

The format will see each module run over over four days, normally two weekends with some time between for revision. There will be a 30-minute individual telephone appointment given to each attendee in the middle of these two weekends to address any areas of concern or confusion. The final day will take the format of a sustained Q-and-A followed by an exam.

The exam is a genuine test of your knowledge and I will mark your paper personally. It is not designed to catch you out, but there will be no gifts here either. I need to know that you have grasped the important concepts and are capable of making a positive difference to individuals in need, as I intend to refer plenty of people to each person who graduates. Those taking the test do not need to ‘agree with me’ on all areas, simply to show a working knowledge of all key issues.

Any individual who fails the exam can retest in the weeks that follow. There is no charge for a retest and, should you not pass, I will provide guidance on study points to ensure success next time out.




There are no official requirements, but I do need to ensure that all attendees will be at a similar level of knowledge. We have a lot of complex things to get through in a short space of time.

Most candidates will be working in health already and have some grounding in anatomy and physiology. As mentioned above, priority will be given to those who are already in the profession and can therefore help deal with the individuals that I do not currently have the capacity to help.



A module costs £850 and covers all dates, supporting documents, test fees and also the 30-minute call between the two weekends.



To secure your place on a course, please email me on using “Academy Application” as the title. Then provide information as to your level of knowledge, profession experience and future plans. If I think you would be a suitable candidate, I will email you back and hand you over to my assistant Sue to complete booking.

Places will be confirmed on the basis of a 25% deposit, although full payment is requested before the starting date of the course.