The Academy

13 years
2,000 clients

9,000 tests

& lots of love

13 years
2,000 clients
9,000 tests

& a lot of love

… it took me a long time to put this together but I am confident that it is the best researched and most practical course available in Functional Nutrition. If you disagree, I will give you your money back

… attend in London or via Zoom


Data, Not Dogma

For too long, our profession has been hampered by lame courses, delivered by anonymous lecturers, sharing untested beliefs. This course reconciles traditional wisdom with both the scientific literature and front-line, real-life observations. No fluff.


Personalized Nutrition

Stop looking for the ‘most effective‘ supplement for migraines or the ‘best‘ diet for weight loss. Learn how to use your knowledge to quickly map out the rate-limiting factors unique to the individual in front of you, and provide targeted & tailored support.


Money-back Guarantee

I am confident that you will find this course to be the best-researched and most practical course in Functional Nutrition. But if you disagree, then I will give you all your money back. No questions asked.


My name is Marek Doyle and, as you may have guessed from the above, I have spent the last 13 years reconciling the data from 2,000 patient outcomes and 9,000 test results to build a model of personalized nutrition. I aim to identify the different root causes among different patients and provide answers that are backed by data, not dogma. I have been featured by range of media (such as Sky Sports, the Daily Mail, Mens Health and Marie Claire) and see clients from my clinic in central London.

I have described my journey in more depth here, but the summary is that my own metabolic problems forced my to see the disconnect between the scientific literature, the medical ‘standard of care’ and real-life outcomes. My paradigms shifted and my clinic eye refocused. I now spotted things that others missed and got results that others couldn’t. Fast forward to a string of ‘impossible’ turnarounds and the surge in word-of-mouth clients following each one… I now found myself a specialist in the ‘complex cases’.

Then, as now, I conducted countless trials, tests and statistical analyses. With each and every improvement in my model, I recorded further improvement in the results. My waiting list grew and grew and, when it hit five months in 2016, it was clear that the public needed more access to this type of approach. I knew I needed to take action. The Academy was the result…

Frequently Asked Questions


No. There are no official requirements, but I do need to ensure that all attendees will be at a similar level of knowledge… we have a lot of complex things to get through in a short space of time! Most candidates will be working in health already and have some grounding in anatomy and physiology, although those who have undertaken 

Do I get a qualification?

No. This is a course to share knowledge and to aid in the professional development of each attendee. A certificate of attendance will be provided.


All practitioners that pass the modules will be allowed to list their details on my Find a Practitioner page. The only requirement for being listed is that you are in practice (not training) and have passed the ‘core’ module, Structuring a Treatment Plan. It is this page that my assistant, Sue, refers people to when I am unable to find a space for them.


I have been on enough lame courses in my time. I’m entirely confident that this course will not just useful or good or interesting… but also be the best course in functional medicine that you have ever attended. However, if you reach the end of the first day (after 7 hours of teaching) and do not agree, you will be free to leave the course and take an instant refund. The whole £425. No questions asked.


To secure your place on a course, click here. I will approve you as soon as possible (providing I think you will benefit from the course) and then hand you over to my assistant Sue to complete booking.

Places will be confirmed on the basis of a £150 deposit, although full payment is requested before the starting date of the course.


Places will be confirmed on the basis of a 25% deposit, although full payment is requested before the starting date of the course.

Location & Logistics

Each module will be held at The Wesley Hotel & Conference Centre in Euston, London, NW1 2EZ Hotel. The courses begin at 10am and the day finishes at 6pm.

The format will see each module run over over two days (Friday and Saturday). Time will be permitted at the end of each day for sustained Q-and-A session. 

If you have any questions on the logistics of each module, click here to arrange a free call with Marek to discuss.


Thyroid, Adrenal & Other Hormones

Master hormones and you master the metabolism…. immune balance, sleep quality, mental clarity come as part of the package. Learn to identify the nutritional factors that actually make a difference in hormonal pathways.

£425- details coming soon…

Structuring a Treatment Plan

All this knowledge… but how to apply it? This module focuses on turning knowledge into results. How to conduct assessments, how to identify the show-stoppers, how to ‘feed someone without inflaming them’ and predicting progress.

£425 – more details…

Immune System & Methylation

Methylation is not about adding in folate + B12 and crossing your fingers! Learn how to test & influence these key pathways. Discover the immune physiology behind chronic inflammation and the key factors in taking back control.

£425 – details coming soon…

Central Nervous System, Sleep & Digestion

You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb… and how you sleep! Learn the connections between sleep and metabolic imbalance & the role of circulation and inflammation in the brain and the eight major neurotransmitter systems.

£425 – details coming soon…

“The knowledge I’ve acquired over two weekends is more than I ever imagined would be possible”.

Alex Georgiou, BANT-registered nutritional therapist


If you are not suspicious of nutrition courses, you should be. I’ve wasted enough time on them to spot the similarities. Here are the differences between these sub-standard offerings and mine:

Actual Teaching

Most courses: unexperienced lecturers trotting out second-hand soundbites and quoting from the same tired textbooks.

My course: I have spent 13 years grinding out results ‘on the frontline’. I can tell you what actually works.

Based on Data, Not Dogma

Most courses: rely on pet protocols, favourite supplements and trending buzzwords (“local functional superfoods”).

My course: Recommendations are case-specific and backed by relevant data (from both the literature & real clients).

Focused on Results

Most courses: spend an age recycling scientific theory, opinions and rhetoric. No analysis of results in actual humans.

My course: uses hundreds of real-life outcomes to show when the theories are likely to work. And when they won’t.


Other courses: only deal with the theory, lecturers are lost in real life if their pet protocols don’t work.

My course: if you’ve got a difficult case or a non-responder, or you’re trying to reconcile conflicting research, then let’s work it out together.


Most courses: offer token suggestions on ‘building your business’. From nutritionists who work a few hours per week.

My course: the entire purpose of this course is to create a small army of practitioners I can send clients to.

Money Back Guarantee

Most courses: read the lovely biographies of our lecturers and speak to our friendly sales team. Here’s a direct debit form.

My course: If you don’t agree that this course is the best you’ve ever attended, then I will give you a full refund.

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