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The protocol that has worked so well for some is doing nothing in others… and you want to know why

You’re also ready to ‘put it all together’ but you’re constantly coming up against dogma – the Thyroid Lady says that everything is down to thyroid issues, the SIBO Guy insists that it all begins in the gut, the Heavy Metal Specialist blames it on heavy metals, etc…

you’ve also been on other courses, but found that they did the content did not fully apply to the real-world challenges you face and your questions were met with incomplete answers

Imagine the change in your day-to-day practice if you could spend two days of having all your questions answered and come back with:

a comprehensive understanding of the tests and metrics used in functional nutrition, plus a powerful toolkit to know when and how to use them

the skills to efficiently screen the scientific literature yourself (and move beyond the choose-a-guru-and-hope-they’re-right routine)

the clarity that comes from two days of having all your questions answered by a specialist with 17 years of frontline experience

a battle-tested model of personalized nutrition that guarantees to change how you do things on the frontline (see details below)

The Academy – An Introduction

The Marek Doyle Academy – Short Courses in Functional Nutrition

Learn a model of personalized nutrition that:

Is based on research, results and reality - informed by 17 years of auditing real-life outcomes

Avoids over-simplified, implausible answers, instead delivers a failsafe system to identify the right questions, every time

Provides a battle-tested, plug-and-play framework to leverage your new tools from the moment you leave

Years Experience
Individual Journeys Tracked
Test Results Analyzed
in Personalized Nutrition

What can you expect from attending The Academy?

19 years, 3,000+ outcomes, 11,000+ test results, non-stop research and a lot of love. It took me a long time to put this course together, but it has been built with precision to make an immediate difference in the results you see.

Those who attend can expect:

For too long, our profession has been hampered by lame courses, delivered by anonymous lecturers, sharing untested beliefs. This course reconciles traditional wisdom with both the scientific literature and front-line, real-life observations. No fluff, just a battle-tested, plug-and-play framework to immediately enhance the results you are getting.

Stop looking for the ‘most effective‘ supplement for migraines or the ‘best‘ diet for weight loss. Learn how to use your knowledge to methodically map out the rate-limiting factors unique to the individual in front of you and provide targeted & tailored support, doing so with a customized road map that allows you to avoid plateaus before they even occur.


Leave with a clear idea of how to translate this knowledge onto the frontline, with multiple case studies used to bring each concept to life, highlight the ‘low hanging fruit’ and tend with real-life challenges. Leverage your new tools from Day One.

Disappointment with prior courses shouldn’t stop suitable candidates from joining the growing tribe of practitioners who are using personalized nutrition to change the lives of their clients. If, after an entire day of learning, you do not agree that this is the best-researched and most practical course in Functional Nutrition, I will give you all your money back. No questions asked.

What real-life practitioners are saying about the course

“Marek provides great wisdom, no dogma, and that’s why I’m here learning today.”
Ryan Carter, nutritional therapist,
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Is The Academy Right for Me?

The Seven Academy modules

Modules are delivered every ~4 months, which creates a two-year rotation… attendees can choose to attend all modules or just one module, whichever suits their needs.

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