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The Academy

Are you a nutritional therapist, doctor, elite personal trainer or advanced biohacker? Are you ready to move from the hope-based protocols to a data-driven model of personalized nutrition?

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Next Module - January 6/7

The Academy – An Intro

17 years, 3,000+ individual outcomes, 11,000+ test results & lots of love… it took me a long time to put this together but I am confident that it is the best researched and most practical course available in Functional Nutrition. If you disagree, I will give you your money back.

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Who The Academy is For

The Academy is for anyone who wants to get reliable results in humans, doing so through a model of personalized nutrition

Modules Offered

Modules that are included in the Academy, and how you can attend just one module or choose to come to all seven.

Academy Principles

How a data-driven model, based on the real-life outcomes of 3,000+ individuals, allows us to reliably select the right recommendations and avoid the guess-based/dogmatic approaches that currently dominate.

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What brings people to the Academy?

The Academy remains the only course in functional nutrition to provide a deep dive in this short, two-days-per module format. It is the only course that is underpinned by a battle-tested, data-driven model and provides a 100% money-back guarantee… but what made these professionals come?

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Building the Bigger Picture

To understand how the various systems connect in human metabolism and how we can work with this on the frontline.

Mastering the Mechanisms

To go beyond the surface noise, instead focusing on the precise mechanisms that give us the leverage to achieve excellent results ‘on-tap’ and without guesswork

Data, Not Dogma

To part with a black-and-white approach of what is ‘good’ or ‘effective’, doing so through use of the data I’ve accumulated over 17 years to determine WHO and WHEN each approach is called for

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The Academy vs Other Courses

Why choose the Academy?

Data, Not Dogma

For too long, our profession has been hampered by lame courses, delivered by anonymous lecturers, sharing untested beliefs. This course reconciles traditional wisdom with both the scientific literature and front-line, real-life observations. No fluff.

Personalized Nutrition

Stop looking for the ‘most effective‘ supplement for migraines or the ‘best‘ diet for weight loss. Learn how to use your knowledge to quickly map out the rate-limiting factors unique to the individual in front of you, and provide targeted & tailored support.

Money-back Guarantee

I am confident that you will find this course to be the best-researched and most practical course in Functional Nutrition. But if you disagree, then I will give you all your money back. No questions asked.


Years Experience
Individual Journeys Tracked
Test Results Analyzed
in Personalized Nutrition

Next Module -Diets (January 6th/7th)

in London (or attend via Zoom) – £425

What if we could leave the Diet Wars behind? A deep dive into the pros-and-cons of the dietary choices out there, assessing what the literature says (and, perhaps most importantly, what it does not say). Frameworks to link the metabolic effects of each approach to the needs of each individual, transcending the limited discussion on which is ‘best’ and instead focusing on when each path may be suitable and in who.

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The Seven Academy modules

Modules are delivered every 2-3 months, which creates an 18-month rotation… attendees can choose to attend all modules or just one module, whichever suits their needs.

“The knowledge I’ve acquired over two weekends is more than I ever imagined would be possible”

Alex Georgiou, BANT-registered nutritionist and 2017 attendee, www.consciousnutrition.co.uk

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