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Academy Module – Structuring a Treatment Plan

The ‘core’ module. Turn knowledge into results.

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What’s covered in this module?


Moving away from what is ‘best’ and instead identifying what are the rate limiting factor in this unique case and the changes most likely to resolve it.


If there is one skill that will set you apart from 95% of other practitioners, it is the skill to interpret this powerful tool. How to effectively assess (and actually understand) the data from the 75 different markers to better guide recommendations.


An simple way to sub-stratify individuals and one that avoids 80% of plateaus and bad reactions. A three-stage framework to help pace treatment, avoid frustrations and set expectations. Most of all, predict problems before they occur.


A data-driven analysis of when we can expect plateaus in each individual. Applying mechanistic insights to such challenges and quantifying the benefits of alternative interventions in different circumstances.


Exploration of the value and practical uses of Heart Rate Variability testing, as a central part of multiple metrics. How to use multiple metrics (from ‘functional’ markers to further lab tests) to monitor responses in real-time.


Granular breakdown of real-life challenges, trajectories and successes. Narratives that link rationale to outcomes, bringing to life the knowledge delivered over the weekend.

Core Aims

What will I take away from this module?

Fundamentals to immediately enhance every aspect of your clinical practice.

The Right Questions

There are no hands-outs or ready-made protocols that stand up to real-world needs. But the right questions bring the answers to us, every time.

A Working Model

Forget rolling the dice on great-sounding interventions that you hope will make the difference. Come away with a validated model that provides structure, clarity and confidence.

Actual Understanding

Mechanistic understanding of how each intervention achieves its effects. No more paint-by-numbers, instead an approach that can methodically identify the relevant pathway and, thus, a coherent solution.

The Academy - Recap

Have you seen these quick clips? Here you will find an introductory video to provide an overview of the course, and one with comments from those who have attended it

The Academy: An Intro

Who the Academy is for, what modules are offered, what you can expect to come away with, why I set up the Academy and core principals

The Academy: Testimonials

Comments from those who have actually attended the course, explaining why they chose the Academy.

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