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Mentoring for Practitioners

Book an Hour. Save Months of Research.

How Does It Work?

Mentoring is simple. Choose the timeslot you want, then decide on what subjects you want to cover in this time. Mentoring costs £135 per hour.

Book Your Slot

Contact my assistant (Sue) to arrange a suitable time. We deliberately arrange the calendar so that slots are normally available within a few days.

Bring Your Questions

Ahead of your appointment, please write down any-and-all questions you have. If you have queries about test results, then please send these to me by email ahead of our timeslot.

Get Your Answers

We will cover any questions you wish in the time we have, covering the nuances and the individual factors until you are satisfied that you can immediately translate these principles to existing client dilemmas.

Years Experience
Individual Journeys Tracked
Test Results Analyzed
in Personalized Nutrition
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