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MCAS and Sleep: How Mast Cells Mediators can Drive Insomnia

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is the label given to individuals who experience unexplained inflammatory events that are mediated by mast cells and affect several body systems at once. Accordingly, it is often summarized as constant allergy-type symptoms in the absence of an allergen. Histamine is

Saliva Testing: Is it as Reliable as Blood Tests?

Nutritional therapy has come a long way since the era of Abram Hoffer and Linus Pauling, counter-revolutionaries whose work countered establishment paradigms and stimulated change in across a large host of medical disciplines. Arguably, the driving force in developments has been the wider range of

COVID-19 Focus: Personalizing Immune Strategies, pt II

  Part One of this article touched on the available research done on the role of the immune system in fighting off coronavirus, an factor that has gone largely unexplored during the crisis. There have been enough articles on natural herbs and supplements to boost

COVID-19 Focus: Personalizing Immune Strategies, pt I

Coronaviruses have recently grabbed the attention of the public for obvious reasons. Such sub-types of viruses are not novel and have been largely unproblematic for humans, with the previous exceptions being a mutant strain that resulted in the outbreak of SARS in 2003 and another

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