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Author: Marek

Low thyroid symptoms with normal lab results: what four decades of science says about the value of testing TSH and T4, recognizing cellular hypothyroidism and treatment options

Undertake any search of ‘consequences of hypothyroidism’ and you will reliably receive a laundry list of the usual symptoms; fatigue, brain fog, low mood, constipation, sensitivity to the cold, reduced hair growth and general malaise. However, the impact of hypothyroidism in the human body cannot

A Response: Why Do I Consider Diet Advice from COP26 as Propaganda?

BACKGROUND: I recently made a presentation to professionals on nutritional options to modulate testosterone in men. During the presentation, I touched on the role of soy/plant-based/low fat diets and research that shows them to adversely affect testosterone status, adding that such data should be considered

Covid-19 in 2021 (Part II): Assessing ‘The Science’

(This is Part Two of a three-part series. Click here for Part One and here for Part Three). One thing that most of us can agree on in these polarized times is that decisions should be made on the basis of scientific evidence rather than

COVID-19 in 2021 (Part I): An End Within Sight?

(This is Part One of a three-part series. Click here for Part Two and here for Part Three). There once was a time when we could assess the evidence, make conclusions and then discuss how best to integrate these findings into policy. This has not

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